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It’s Not What You’ve Done

Have you done enough to be accepted by God? Many feel that if they do enough good works, God will finally love and accept them. This is nothing more than the legalism fruit of a mindset bound in dead religion. The Bible is clear that Jesus loved us before we did anything to earn His love and mercy. We were still in rebellion when He reached out and gave His life so that we could

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  • God Is Not Evil

    Genesis 3.  I want you to read this passage just so it’s set in your mind.  After the six days of God’s creation, God rested. 

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  • Psalm 23

    Psalm 23:2 – He leads me besides the still waters.  There is always an unseen chance of serving someone else. Maybe serving in a place

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  • Crucial Moment

    Luke 9:61-62 – To everything there is a crucial moment. If you miss the moment, most likely the opportunity will never again present itself. The

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